nessa k and i decided to open a studio space in downtown baltimore. being baltimore wedding photographers we wanted a place primarily to get work done and meet with clients. we found this space via our friend brian mcternan who owns salad days studio. it’s absolutely perfect with a nice back room, a garage, and two blocks from patterson park. unfortunately, we found the space in the height of wedding season so it took a good 5 months before we were able to get it to this point but we finally got there. there are a few things left to be added, but it’s mostly complete just in time for the winter influx of client meetings for next year’s weddings. we’ll also use this space to host workshops and do the very occasional portrait session.

// by Sam Hurd

baltimore wedding photographer studio beforebaltimore wedding photographer studio after a quote from famous photographer baltimore studio tops of walls closeup of posters

using wrapping paper cut to size for each photo we wanted to hang was really really helpful in figuring out how we wanted to arrange all the prints.

client area using wrapping paper to setup wall mountswedding photographer studio blogwedding photographer wall mountdetail photos of baltimore studiostudio blog003client meeting area

found this awesome old classroom chalkboard map on ebay

setting up map wall

this was our original layout idea that we ended up changing

before photo

found this old cabinet at a local industrial picker’s place called housewerks in baltimore

setting up vintage furniturefinished vintage furniturenessas office in baltimore studio baltimore studiobaltimore wedding photographer studio detaildetail photos

nessa has a globe of the earth and her space is very green. i have a globe of the moon and have most things black and white.

nessa k photography desk detail photo 1 detail photo 2 13 empty studio

this side still needs to be flushed out a bit, but we’ve got a lot of lights and modifiers in storage

studio lights

nessa found three old, HEAVY, and perfectly sized postal boxes that we decided to throw a nice piece of wood on to make into a display/desk top for albums

before of sams studio sams office area po boxes desk detail photo

it’s worked really well for us to store all the little things that tend to get scattered

back of po box desk

pickles wasn’t happy to visit.

pickles the cat

here’s my finished work space… with the globe of the moon. also, that wallaby print is courtesy of jeff newsom. my desk is from restoration hardware and we have another one coming to use in the backdrop area for detail photos and storage.

sam hurd work area in baltimore studio23studio blog002baltimore wedding photographer studio details

i’m particularly fond of the surround sound in every outlet.

25 26

a huge selection of boylan’s sodas had to be added


we found a bunch of these old crates in bedford, va during thanksgiving. i didn’t know what we’d use them for when we bought them but they ended up being very useful.


my other favorite part of the studio is our printing / packaging workstation with steamer trunk from restoration hardware. I saw one just like it while we were in Paris over the summer and I’m so glad I was able to find one in the USA.

steamer trunk from restoration hardware

i also love my beoplay A9 airplay stereo with custom printed moon grill cloth.


some custom prints of our trip to europe and a scratch off map of the world

studio blog0013031

Virtually everything in this space had to be purchased in the last 5 months and we never trashed anything until a few days ago…


and the first official portrait made in our new space!

camera: sony a7r

lens: leica 50mm f/0.95

baltimore wedding photographer portrait

by sam hurd