i‘m so excited to announce a new full workshop. it’ll be in Santiago, Chile.

hosted by // kyle hepp

business // targeting clients. pricing. branding.
equipment // what i bring and why i travel light.
work flow // import. backup. optimize. prioritize.
epic portraits // the who. the why. the how.

food // catered lunch!

live shoot // staying creative. being inspired by and for your clients.
technique // posing. interacting. freelensing. prisming.
post processing // lightroom 4. photoshop. how i process so quickly.

i will be offering the workshop on both feb  24th and feb 26th 2013. limited to 20 people per day.
payment via paypal to register. $200. includes lunch and a translator.

Click here for Feb 24th 2013


Click here for Feb 26th 2013 -SOLD OUT!


contact me at [email protected] if you are unable to pay via paypal. thanks!