Eventually, I’ll have time to do some longer form blog posts, but I just wanted to share a few of my favorites from James and Sam’s wedding in Hilton Head South Carolina! I’m a big fan of trees, and it’s hard to find a more perfect oak tree than the one they were married under!

Photographers… you can find deconstructions of images like these and more over on my patreon feed.
Everything edited w/ my Gainstage preset.

Outdoor wedding ceremony under a large oak tree, with a bride and groom at the center surrounded by guests in formal attire, overlooking a water view at sunset during the Hilton Head Wedding. A bride in a lace gown kisses a smiling groom on the cheek in a sunlit park with blurry trees in the background at their Hilton Head wedding. A newlywed couple walks hand-in-hand near a marina at sunset, with a lighthouse in the background during their Hilton Head wedding. A bride and groom smiling and embracing on their wedding day at a Hilton Head Wedding, with the bride in a lace dress and floral headpiece. Bride with a hairpiece looks pensively at groom, foreground blurred, on a Hilton Head beachside at sunset. A radiant bride in a lace gown smiles under her veil, with a sunlit lighthouse and marina in the background of her Hilton Head wedding. A joyful bride and groom walk hand in hand, waving to guests, with groomsmen standing nearby, at an outdoor Hilton Head wedding ceremony. A bride in a white dress with a veil and a bridesmaid in a blue dress smile at each other, holding bouquets in a wooden-paneled room during the Hilton Head Wedding. A black-and-white photo from Sam + James Wedding of a bride and groom laughing together on a wooden bench, the bride holding a bouquet. A bride and groom share a tender embrace, their foreheads touching, during a Hilton Head wedding ceremony with bridesmaids in the background. A bride and groom embracing under tall palm trees against a sunset sky at their Hilton Head wedding, conveying a romantic atmosphere. Silhouettes of a couple kissing at their Hilton Head wedding, illuminated by a bright, colorful light creating a halo effect around their heads.