sorry everyone, this isn’t a post about a new prisming photography technique, haha.

some of you may know, but most probably don’t, that i’m a musician. i grew up playing lots of instruments and have always been active in bands over the years. prisms was started many many years ago (yes before i started using a prism with my photography) and though we put out a record in 2008 i’m so excited to announce the release of a new record we spent the last year and a half working on w/ producer Brian Mcternan at his studio Salad Days in Baltimore MD.

Prisms Whale Fall record

we have the record available on iTunes for purchase or you can listen to the whole record for free on spotify.

we also have a website and would love to hear from you if you take the time to listen to the record. this is a huge deal for all of us and we appreciate the support.