Flew into the wonderful Austin Texas for Patricia and Jerome’s wedding at Vintage Villas!

Photographers… you can find deconstructions of images like these and more over on my patreon feed. Everything edited w/ my Gainstage preset

Bride and groom standing apart under a cloudy sky at the Patricia Jerome Wedding, with focus on the groom in the foreground and a tall cypress tree between them. Black and white portrait of a bride at Vintage Villas with her face partially obscured by a transparent veil, showing a contemplative expression. Emotional groom in a white suit wiping away a tear at Patricia Jerome Wedding venue, with greenery and a blurred background. A couple embraces during their first dance at the Patricia Jerome Wedding reception, with an illuminated "The Salas" sign in the background. Bride and groom outdoors at Vintage Villas, bride's veil flowing in the wind, focus on bride’s face with groom gazing into the distance. A bride holding a bouquet smiles as she walks down a petal-strewn path at the Vintage Villas, flanked by guests in elegant dresses. A monochrome photo of an intimate moment at a Vintage Villas wedding, with the bride and groom bathed in soft light, their foreheads touching affectionately. Bride and groom walking down the aisle at Vintage Villas, holding hands and smiling, with guests seated around and a floral arch in the background. A bride and groom tenderly touching foreheads at Patricia Jerome Wedding, backlit by a radiant light at night, with soft purple hues and lens flare effects surrounding them. A couple embracing in a serene garden setting at Vintage Villas, surrounded by lush greenery and reflected in a clear water surface below. A wedding party of six couples standing in front of a large tree with red foliage, reflected in a calm body of water at Patricia Jerome Wedding. A joyful groom in a beige suit and bow tie, smiling broadly in a field of tall golden grass at the Patricia Jerome Wedding. A bride in a detailed gown stands focused in a garden at the Patricia Jerome Wedding, with the foreground showing a blurred image of a groom in a light suit. A bride and groom sit intimately in front of illuminated letters spelling "THE SALAS" at their wedding venue, Vintage Villas. A bride and groom stand still, exchanging a loving gaze at the Patricia Jerome Wedding, surrounded by a blur of guests moving around them in a garden setting. A couple walks hand in hand along a tranquil pond bordered by lush greenery and a wooden fence at the Patricia Jerome Wedding, under a cloudy sky at sunset. A joyful bride and groom run through a sparkler send-off at night, surrounded by cheering guests at their Vintage Villas wedding. A bride and her bridesmaids, wearing dresses in shades of yellow and orange, laugh together in a sunny, tree-lined outdoor setting at the Vintage Villas. A bride and groom sharing a kiss on a stone path surrounded by lush, colorful autumn foliage at Patricia Jerome Wedding. A wedding couple standing among misty foliage at Vintage Villas, the man in a beige suit and the woman in a white dress, both looking to the side. A couple embracing on a curved path in the lush garden of Vintage Villas, with the woman resting her head on the man's shoulder. Outdoor wedding ceremony at Vintage Villas with guests seated around a couple under a floral arch, reflected in a foreground puddle, against a cloudy sky.