for all the right reasons. what a fun time. i achieved my personal goal of meeting awesome people…and hopefully starting a network of photographer friends and professionals.

the shot of leo druker on the top left has inspired me to begin thinking about ways to expand upon ryan’s photo techniques. reflection flash composites, anyone? hmmm. brenizer method mixed with a little flash composite and perhaps light painting? let’s see if i ever have time for that!

anyway, i’m going to take a few notes and sleep on the mass of knowledge collected today, but to (quickly) be honest i think i picked up more from a two min conversation with ryan than i did from his entire lecture *not that I didn’t learn a wealth of info during the lecture!* i had just tried out his 50 1.2 lens and he mentioned that he likes it because its manual focus makes him take “a moment” and breathe before a shot. interesting. i don’t know why i was thinking he would have first mentioned its incredible bokeh abilities are unmatched with any other nikon lenses…nope. that’s when i realized that every peice of gear in his kit has a specific purpose. he’s really taken time to find not only how it performs, but how it effects him as a photographer….and then exhausted all possible uses of it. i think often people can be hung up on gear as a barrier to why their shots aren’t turning out well enough. false. yeah…i have a d3s, but there were several shots i was jealous of today…most of them ryan’s….but others i saw being taken on something as old school as a d200, and as as a budget as a d80. not to mention many of ryan’s simple lighting techniques had me itching for a way to get smaller than f/16 on my brand new $2200 lens!

i’m guessing that many of us that attended ryan brenizer’s workshop are probably back in our hotels blogging about our experiences, or perhaps taking photos of random people we meet in elevators and stairwells, BUT hopefully we are also replaying the simple things shown to us over and over in our heads so that we’re able to learn how to improve our photos by utilizing what we’ve already got…and for most of us one speedlight should do the trick.

oh, and this is awesome. i’m jealous of nyc wedding photographers! such cool random stuff on the streets!