Absolutely thrilled to share some of my favorite photos from Mark and Patrick’s President Lincoln’s Cottage Wedding in downtown DC from last Saturday.

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Everything edited w/ my profileTwo men in white suits stand closely, facing each other with smiles, under the warm light from four wall lamps, creating a scene that feels effortlessly drafted by auto magic. Black and white photo of a man in a suit standing in a doorway, seen through a circular frame, almost as if it were an auto draft of an old movie scene. A man in a white double-breasted suit with a black bow tie and colorful boutonniere stands on a staircase, looking off into the distance, as if awaiting an important auto draft notification. Two men in white tuxedos with bow ties and boutonnières walk down a hallway, each carrying bags. Both have short hair and are smiling, as if stepping out of a flawless Auto Draft moment. Two men in white suits stand facing each other, holding hands and smiling, next to a framed artwork on a bright, window-lit interior wall. The scene feels like it could be part of an artistic draft for an upcoming exhibition. Two men in white suits stand on a balcony, looking in opposite directions. The picture, reminiscent of a classic auto draft illustration, is in black and white with a backdrop of a cloudy sky. Two grooms in white tuxedos walk down an outdoor aisle, smiling and applauding guests in celebration. The guests, dressed formally, stand and smile under a partly cloudy sky, as if scripted by the perfect auto draft of a beautiful day. Two men wearing white tuxedos with black bow ties and floral boutonnieres hold hands and raise them in celebration, as if they were an Auto Draft for the perfect wedding. They stand outside on a grassy area with trees in the background. Two grooms and an officiant stand under a large tree in an outdoor setting, all smiling and laughing, suggesting a joyful moment possibly during a wedding ceremony. It's as if their happiness was on auto draft, effortlessly filling the air with joy. A wedding ceremony is taking place outdoors under a large tree, with a few guests seated and facing the couple, who are flanked by the officiant. The sky is reflected at the bottom of the image, creating an ethereal atmosphere that feels almost like an auto draft for a perfect moment. Two men in matching white tuxedos walk hand-in-hand down an outdoor aisle, surrounded by smiling guests and the simplicity of an auto draft guiding their steps. Two men in white tuxedos, adorned with colorful boutonnières, stand closely together, touching foreheads and smiling. They pose in front of a green wall and a framed painting, capturing this moment like an auto draft of pure joy. Two men in white tuxedos, with colorful boutonnieres, sit on a couch while one of them pets a dog. Both men are smiling and seem to be in a cozy living room, perhaps discussing plans for an upcoming event or an Auto Draft. Two men in white tuxedos hold hands and smile at each other in front of a window with red and gold curtains, as if a special moment had been auto-drafted by fate. Two men dressed in white tuxedos with black bow ties and colorful boutonnières smile while standing in front of a vibrant mural, looking as if they were effortlessly styled by Auto Draft. Two individuals wearing white attire display their hands, adorned with matching gold wedding bands, placed on top of one another against a blurred brick background, like a scene out of an untouched Auto Draft. Two men in white tuxedos stand close together sharing a white umbrella on a path in front of a large house surrounded by lush greenery, resembling an elegant scene from an Auto Draft. Two men in white suits hold hands and smile at each other in a green park with a double rainbow and a tower in the background, almost as if nature itself approved this perfect auto draft of love. A man in a white suit and black bow tie stands next to a wall mirror with patterned wallpaper in the background, looking as if he just stepped out of an Auto Draft. He has his hands in his pockets and a boutonniere on his left lapel. Two men wearing white tuxedos with colorful floral boutonnieres stand side by side; their faces are partially obscured by a hanging light fixture, like an auto draft of an intimate moment caught midway. Two men in white tuxedos and bow ties stand side by side, reflected in a doorway mirror. The room features a polka dot wall pattern, almost as if it had been an auto draft of whimsical design ideas. Two men in white tuxedos stand back-to-back in front of a wooden wall, each wearing a black bow tie and a floral boutonniere. It's as if they were meticulously chosen from an Auto Draft of distinguished gentlemen. Two men wearing white tuxedos with colorful boutonnieres share a close moment in front of a white house with brown trim, capturing a precious memory that feels almost like an auto draft ready to be polished into a perfect story. Two grooms in white tuxedos with dark bow ties smiling and applauding at a wedding reception under a white tent, with seated guests in the background. The joyous scene could easily be mistaken for an auto draft from a storybook romance.

Sam Hurd

Sam Hurd


Starting as a political news and celebrity portrait photographer in DC, Sam was instantly drawn to wedding photography as a space to promote more inventive ideas. Sam’s focus is on photographic techniques that are deceptively simple but have the potential to transform difficult or uninspiring shooting environments into one-of-a-kind opportunities for every photo made.

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