Met up with Mark and Bekah on her family’s property where they’re building their future house! We explored a few areas nearby in such beautiful light that really reminded me of California!

Photographers… you can find deconstructions of images like these and more over on my patreon feed. Everything edited w/ my Gainstage preset.

A young man and woman standing back-to-back, framed within a diamond-shaped border, during their engagement session against a dark, blurred forest background. Mark and Bekah standing in a field at sunset, silhouetted against a vibrant orange sky during their engagement session. A smiling woman with long blonde hair looking at the camera while standing beside a man in a plaid shirt during their engagement session outdoors on a sunny day. A couple smiling and touching foreheads affectionately during their engagement photo shoot, bathed in golden sunlight with a blurry background. A couple standing embraced under a large pine tree at sunset during their Engagement Session, with golden light filtering through the branches. Mark and Bekah, standing back-to-back, looking in opposite directions, with a stone building and a black door in the background during their Engagement Session. Mark and Bekah, a young couple holding hands, walking through a scenic countryside field at sunset during their engagement session, with a clear blue sky overhead. Silhouette of Mark and Bekah embracing at sunset, with the sun creating a burst of light between them against a backdrop of trees and a clear sky during their Engagement Session. Mark and Bekah stand in front of a church at dusk, bathed in golden sunlight, with a clear blue sky and silhouetted branches above during their engagement session. Silhouette of a man and woman standing side by side against a sunset background during their engagement session, with their reflections visible on a water surface.