i generally don’t write much to go along images that i blog. i’m not particularly great with writing, and i prefer to let my images speak for me. i’m making an exception for this wedding as it was the first time i could apprecaite in real time the pricelessness of what i was documenting. i think the moment it hit me was when ann’s dad (tuning in from his living room) spoke before ann walked down the aisle. he mentioned how he couldn’t be there to walk her down the aisle in person. i felt so grateful to be there and document it for him.

i spent a few hours with maiwand, ann, their (17 year old!) dog gus, and three of their neighbors. they were originally planning a big wedding in texas, but due to covid-19 they had to get creative with their plans. somewhere in the ballpark of 120 guests tuned into their ceremony, but not just as observers. through a zoom session ann’s brother performed the guitar, and their close friend played the harp as ann walked down the aisle. their officiant managed the microphones, and patiently waited for internet buffering through speeches, dances, and family photos… all through a giant zoom session. 

if anyone out there is considering a postponement of their big wedding day please consider a small elopement, or zoom wedding like this. i’m partnering with a videography team to be able to offer something low key and easy like this, but i’m also working to speed up my turnaround time for editing to be just a few days so that your friends and family can experience moments like these. stay safe & healthy <3