well, i’m just on a ROLL with blogging old work. this is such a favorite from November 2019. brian literally runs keswick vineyard weddings and well, he left his feedback over on the knot. 

“Let me preface this review by stating, I run a popular wedding venue and have been a part of over 400 weddings. I spend many of my days looking through wedding photos from our venue and the hundreds of photographers we have had come through our grounds. Sam Hurd was one of these photographers who photographed a wedding at our venue years ago. When it came time to plan my own wedding day, I knew immediately which photographer I wanted. Having seen Sam’s work first hand years ago, I still found myself returning to those beautiful photos time and time again. There is something uniquely imaginative about Sam’s work. His photographs take on a perspective that even someone like me who has seen the same wedding photo of the same venue hundreds of times, was blown away by. If you are not already sold on Sam Hurd by his displayed work, then follow him on instagram and watch his stories, his IGTV, or his patreon and you will begin to understand that Sam Hurd is not just a photographer, he is an artist. I treasure the work that Sam Hurd provided that day and even now, a year later, look back on those photos constantly- not just because of their emotional significance, but because they are works of art. He didn’t just capture my wedding day, he inspired me and continues to inspire me every day. Thanks Sam” – brian

i’m incredibly grateful to have such amazing people in my life as a result of this craft. i can’t wait to jump back into weddings next season!

all images edited w/ signal flow.