I began my photographic career in 2008, when I was presented with an amazing opportunity to work as a photographer for the National Press Club. My assignments include press conference coverage, luncheon speeches, and the some commercial work. Though I still work at the Press Club today, and thoroughly enjoy my work there, I have ventured into new creative territory by creating a historic record of select Press Club guest speakers.

And so, in the summer of 2011, “Epic Portraits” was born. I have a few minutes of dedicated face time with each luncheon speaker; during this time my goal is to create an attention-grabbing portrait of each speaker, which will allow viewers a unique view of both the speaker and the story behind their speech.

The task is not easy and each shoot is comprised of several goals: I want to explain my thought process and reasoning behind each image. I want to outline the equipment I used. I want to let you know what went both right and wrong. I am a completely self-taught photographer; breaking out fancy lighting and impressive modifiers is not my forte. I’m learning as I go and want to share my experiences with you and other photographers. Should be interesting as most portrait photographers start out by photographing their friends; I’m starting by photographing people that make headlines

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epic portraits

Sam Hurd

Sam Hurd


Starting as a political news and celebrity portrait photographer in DC, Sam was instantly drawn to wedding photography as a space to promote more inventive ideas. Sam’s focus is on photographic techniques that are deceptively simple but have the potential to transform difficult or uninspiring shooting environments into one-of-a-kind opportunities for every photo made.

Most reviews, technical write-ups, and other photo nerd content is posted first, and exclusively, over on his patreon.