it was an incredible year. i’ve tried my best to blog everything i’ve photographed and failed miserably. this is what happens when you shoot 53 weddings in one year.

best wishes to all the dc area and baltimore wedding photographers in 2015.

a few of these photos are also from workshops i instructed, which i’ve really grown to love. if you’re interested in being on a mailing list for these or helping organize then signup here.

a huge mapel tree with wide angle lens for bride and groom

baltimore aquarium sea horse

llama in peru in inca trail1

wildlife photography

pacific northwest wildlife

creative zebra photographs

creative photo of an elephant

wild horses at harkers island

hipster wedding photographer

double exposure creative photography

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bride and groom candid moment

couple in love first look

creative portraits in water

dramatic black and white bride and groom portrait in dc

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tripp lee album cover photographer

nessa k photographer

abandonded train bridge vance creek

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artistic portrait at cylburn arboretum

couple with ice cream during engagement session

bride walking to first look

creative compositions with tilt shift lenses

creative wedding photos during workshop

creative portrait of a groom

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creative lighting with bride and groom

artistic bride photo

artistic engagement session

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bride and groom portrait in an old attic

black and white of bride and groom laughing in dc

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dramatic portrait during engagement session

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dancing photos during wedding receptiona

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highline engagement session

nessa k with fall leaves1

kimmy and ned in baltimore

sunset portrait at creek club at ion

baltimore wedding photographers at the peabody library in baltimore md

awesome flare

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couple poses for engagement sessions

couple helping eachother climb over driftwood

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sunset portait with bride and groom

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portrait of nessa kessinger

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mirror portrait

paul and jean wedding portrait in georgetown lecture hall

new zealand engagement session

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laura helping rob take down the sail

prisming portrait

really cool wide shot of amazing clouds after a storm

rgb creative photgoraphy technique

tilt shift portrait of the bride and groom kissing

workshops for creative techniques

incredible sunset during engagement session

bridal portrait creative

georgetown university wedding chapel portrait

nice color distortion with lens chimping

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lion rock photography with awesome couple

night time wedding portrait of bride and groom

portrait of wedding photographer fer juaristi

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couple in love walking together

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bride reading note from groom

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tilt shift

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freelensed effect with lens chimping

dramatic quiet moment of bride and groom sitting together after their wedding

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bride and groom dancing together

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wedding day fireworks with bride and groom

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sparkler exit

river farm wedding ceremony

sunrise engagement session at the tidal basin

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fall leaf with very yellow color

portrait of sean astin

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groom making the bride laugh

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night portait with huge maple tree