I’ve photographed engagement sessions at the National Arboretum many times, and I love the challenge of trying to make totally different and creative photos every time I’m there. Brenna and Joey were up for any idea I had, and of course the natural fall leaves really helped too.

Photographers… you can find deconstructions of images like these and more over on my patreon feed. 

Everything edited w/ my Gainstage preset.

Brenna and Joey embrace in a sunlit field at the DC National Arboretum, gazing affectionately at each other, surrounded by a soft focus and warm light. Brenna and Joey embrace in a sunlit field, surrounded by autumn trees under a cloudy sky at the DC National Arboretum. A couple stands gazing in opposite directions outdoors at the DC National Arboretum, under diffused sunlight with blurred autumn leaves in the foreground. A couple embracing affectionately by a serene reflecting pool in the DC National Arboretum, surrounded by a colorful autumn landscape under a cloudy sky. A monochrome image of Brenna and Joey gazing into each other's eyes, surrounded by dark, blurred foliage. Reflection of Brenna + Joey standing beside each other in a puddle under a clear blue sky at the DC National Arboretum. Two people standing close together in the sunlit DC National Arboretum with tall trees and vibrant autumn foliage. Brenna and Joey stand side by side under a shadowed structure at the DC National Arboretum, with sunlight highlighting their faces, surrounded by autumn trees. Brenna and Joey embracing by a reflective pond surrounded by colorful autumn foliage at the DC National Arboretum. A man and a woman holding hands and smiling at each other in the sunny DC National Arboretum, with colorful autumn leaves in the background.