so, i have a confession to make. i’ve been neglecting my blog. i’ve been putting most of my time and effort into my Facebook page because it seems like it’s just easier for me and for everyone else. that being said, i’ve fallen off the face of the planet as far as google and the rest of the internet is concerned. couldn’t be further from the truth as i’m busier than ever editing the burst of weddings from the end of fall and finishing up the last weddings for this year. i hope to return to longer form blog posts next year, but it takes so long to assemble blog posts in the correct way it might be a rare thing. despite that i hope to update here with one off images i share on Facebook. i hope that’s okay and i look forward to bringing in 2014 with some really exciting news.

// by Sam Hurd

portrait of bride and groom

camera // nikon d4

lens // sigma 85 1.4

36 image brenizer method