i enter every year with fear that it could be my last. not because i’m tired of it (far from it), but because i wake up in disbelief that i’m able to do this for a living. it’s a fiercely competitive industry that outdoes itself every season.

of course, starting something like my patreon helps, but everything i teach stems from having real life actual wedding clients that put their trust in me!

i value each and every person that works with me. i don’t care what you look like, what your wedding looks like, or where your wedding is located. commissioning a photographer takes trust, collaboration, and heart. if you’ve got that – you’re all set. these images are as much the people in them as they are me, and i can’t thank everyone enough.

and… just a note about why I choose the photos that I post. every couple you see in wedding attire – that’s them on their actual wedding day!! with the real life constraints of a wedding day upon us. believe me, i have thousands and thousands of beautiful moments of getting ready, ceremony, and receptions from every wedding i shoot. it’s just that… i prefer to show the times of the day when i’ve had the most creative control. where my vision comes through the strongest. i find when that resonants with potential future clients… they turn out to be the absolute best clients i could ever work for.

all of these images were edited with Signal Flow.