Spent some time making photos for Abby and Thomas’ Grand Central Station engagement session in nyc. Shockingly, I have never taken photos inside this beautiful place. We battled rain on and off, but it was nothing a few umbrellas and creative framing couldn’t take advantage of. So excited to photograph their wedding <3

Interior of Grand Central Station with blurred motion of people, an American flag hanging, and the grand arches and windows illuminated. Abby and Thomas stand back-to-back under a large spherical chandelier in Grand Central Station, both looking to the side, the man wearing a hat and both displaying tattoos. A couple, ABBY + THOMAS, embracing in a sunlit urban street near Grand Central Station, sitting closely and smiling at each other in a verdant park setting. A woman looks at a man tipping his hat in the foreground, both against a lush green ivy backdrop at Grand Central Station. A couple embracing affectionately near a window at Grand Central Station with colorful neon lights in the background. A joyful couple, Abby and Thomas, gazing at each other intimately, the woman smiling at a bearded man in a hat, with blurred lights and Grand Central Station in the background. A couple holding hands and walking in front of Grand Central Station with a large arched window illuminated from inside. A couple, Abby and Thomas, kissing passionately, with the man wearing a hat and watch, and the woman in a black top, in front of a striped background. Abby and Thomas laughing and touching foreheads affectionately in Grand Central Station with string lights in the background. A couple embracing in a warmly lit room, reflected in an angled mirror above, creating an inverted visual effect. Thomas and Abby are seen sharing this intimate moment. Abby and Thomas holding hands in the middle of a warmly lit, arched hallway of Grand Central Station. A couple sitting closely and kissing at Grand Central Station, with a warmly lit store window in the background. Both appear happy and affectionate. Bearded man in a fedora adjusting his glasses with a blurred woman in the foreground at the ABBY + THOMAS wedding; gray striped background. A couple embraces under clear umbrellas on a city street by Grand Central Station, with a blurred figure walking by and buildings in the background.